Rhumba: the fast R distribution is available on Windows!

New features, cross-platform

Previously on Rhumba

While CRAN is the official package manager for the R ecosystem, even simple operations can be time-consuming with it. By design, CRAN compiles packages on users’ machine which is a quite time-consuming task.

New features, cross-platform!

What’s new?

Rhumba takes all the benefits of recent efforts put on mamba and micromamba to provide support for:

  • more operations: install, update, create, remove, info, list, etc.
  • configuration files! including use of your already existing rc files (.condarc or similar) with many options already supported
Package management using Rhumba

You said cross-platform?

Yes, that’s it! Rhumba is available on Windows to serve the R community. You see it in action on the previous screencast ran from PowerShell.

How to get started

Using mamba

If you are familiar with the conda ecosystem and already have an installation running, you can simply install Rhumba with:

mamba install rhumba -c conda-forge

Using minirhumba

minirhumba is a self-contained installer akin to miniforge or miniconda, that will bootstrap a R+Rhumba environment for you! Get the latest installer for your platform and run it.

Using micromamba

You can also bootstrap a fresh environment using micromamba based on your packages specs!

What R packages are available on conda-forge?

Thousands of R packages are available on conda-forge and can be installed with Rhumba! conda-forge packages for the R programming language are always prefixed with r-.


The mamba organization is moving fast thanks to a growing community of contributors and users! Many thanks to Wolf Vollprecht, Mariana Meireles, and Bartosz Telenczuk.

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